Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation services help you answer the following questions:

  • Are we implementing the program as planned?
  • What impact are our programs, services, or offerings making?
  • How can we gauge our success?
  • Are our objectives measurable?
  • How do our customers – employees – stakeholders feel about the changes we have been making?

Program Evaluation services are appropriate during the design phase of a project or program, during the pilot to assess implementation and further improve (formative), or after programs have been established in order to assess their impact (summative).  Methods include:

  • Qualitative research and case study analysis
  • Survey research
  • Success case analysis
  • Stakeholder identification and outreach
  • Focus groups
  • Evaluation design
  • Cost-benefit and return-on-investment analysis
  • Logic modeling
  • Evaluation capacity building and implementation coaching